Truck & Trailer

Corrosion on trailer and componentry equipment is a significant challenge for the transportation market. Bradley’s coating systems provide long-term corrosion and weathering protection that extend the life of your equipment. Our robust portfolio of technology allows for a multitude of layered combinations that can achieve the balance between cost, aesthetics and performance you desire. Whether you’re faced with corrosive coastal environments or northern snow, salt and ice, Bradley products offer a barrier that protects a variety of substrates from damaging elements.

  • Custom products tailored for your application
  • A myriad of layering combinations to balance cost and performance
  • Prompt, experienced technical service
  • Focused on this industry for more than 70 years



Typical Applications

BSS-XXXX has is an anti-skid that has been tailored to meet the needed requirements for grit size and longevity, of one of the largest freight carriers in the world. BRW-2XXX rubberized coating is used extensively for underbody sealing of buses.