Our Process

It begins with your process, not our product. Unlike most of our competitors, Bradley Coatings rarely sells a “standard” product. This is because every application is unique. In order to properly “pair” a coating system with an application, we have developed a comprehensive process for optimizing the performance of this pairing without wasting valuable line time.

Process Audit

Acquire all data pertaining to product performance requirements, ambient usage conditions, application equipment, substrate pretreatment, process timing, cure methodology & temps, handling and storage parameters and facility emission restrictions.

Laboratory Simulation

Select a starting formulation and build a simulated process within our laboratory that mimics the customers’ actual process. Run the simulation and modify the formulation until desired results are achieved. A new, “tailored” product is born.

Confirmation & Optimization

Trial the new product in the customer facility to confirm laboratory results. Optimize the product’s physical properties in order to maximize line speeds, minimize energy demands and shortening handling or storage delays.