From high-build undercoating to anti-static coatings for fuel lines, Bradley offers market-leading corrosion protection for the passenger vehicle market. Our products are designed to resist chipping, weathering, rust and a broad range of OEM specifications. We routinely offer to modify formulations for ease of application or diversity of finish. Our laboratories in both North America and China maintain the necessary equipment to ensure cyclic corrosion, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance and gravelometer performance meets your needs. In addition, our manufacturing facilities strictly maintain the most recent IATF 16949/ISO-9001 quality certifications, to ensure your product is manufactured consistently and efficiently.

  • Our original patent was a coating that prevented rust on automotive weld seams
  • We have obtained more than 1000 automotive approvals
  • Our coatings have have been purchased by nearly every global automaker
  • Prompt, competent service available throughout North America and China



Typical Applications

BZS-3XXX Zinc Rich applied as a dip coating for leaf springs has continued as a stalwart due to long term corrosion protection, flexibility and the unique ability to penetrate the spring assembly. BUS-3XXX is a phenolic modified urethane that was engineered specifically to allow molten nylon to adhere to galvanized fuel lines.