Bradley’s portfolio of rail coatings deliver long-term performance and consistently prevent the harmful corrosion over the life of a car. We have a deep understanding of the needs and performance required to excel in this complex market. Our products address not only the exterior elements encountered by a car, but also those that are created by their cargo. Because of the competitive natureof this market, our coating systems are also designed for maximum throughput, low HAPS/VOC, minimal or no solvent entrapment and high-build/single-coat. Bradley has been a leader in waterborne technology and continually seeks creative ways to maintain product performance while continuously reducing raw material costs.

  • Technology for the exterior and interior of your cars
  • A myriad of layering combinations to balance cost and performance
  • A legacy of waterborne leadership
  • Prompt, experienced technical service



Typical Applications

BUS-0XXX clearcoat, in tandem with a single component basecoat, provides a cost-effective topcoat that is comparable to automotive finishes due to the inherent gloss and depth of image. BUS-1XXX is used primarily for film integrity and chemical resistance. This coating also provides value due to its inherent low emissivity.