Customer Support / Technical Service

Bradley Coatings Group has ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facilities that are committed to formulating and designing reliable consistent coatings to meet customer needs. We work hard to understand the customer's expectations, the framework of the needed application and the capabilities and restrictions, all within a desirable economic guideline. Once a product is designed, our highly trained technical service professionals will spend time to train the end user how to apply the coating. We are committed to quality service and technically sound products that will meet your requirements and solve your coatings issues today and in the future. Technical service does not end after our first visit; our staff is available to answer questions, visit your facilities for service and to perform line audits if needed. We offer inventory stocking programs, just-in-time delivery and on sight inventory management.


Our vendors are chosen carefully and raw materials are tested to ensure quality products. Our worldwide network of suppliers allows us to offer a secure and reliable source of raw materials. These relationships translate to the manufacture of prime quality finished goods. Facility quality control tests batch samples to ensure that they meet the quality specifications set forth in the formulas. We maintain a library of color panels for matching and we hold retain samples of each batch for testing. Our team works hard to forge relationships that make it easy for our customers to feel comfortable throughout the process of designing, testing and using our coatings.


Bradley Coatings Group has manufactured custom paint and rust preventative coatings since 1946. Our facilities have also been used for years to provide private label and toll manufacturing for other companies. We have supplied a range of customers, from startup companies without manufacturing capabilities to world renowned coatings companies.

We can manufacture to your specification and ensure consistency throughout the process. If you choose to become a private label partner, you can sell our formulations under your label and have us ship to your customers directly from our facilities. We will provide a unique multi-step process for the individual customer's needs. We have strong design capabilities and cost efficient solutions for companies requiring mutually confidential agreements. Our technical personnel will work directly with you to evaluate your process and define your needs.